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Introducing Risk Heat Maps
Introducing Risk Heat Maps
Updated over a week ago

With our heat map, you can view all of your project and portfolio risks in a simple graphical chart! Click on the risks with the highest score and dive in quickly to view the details.

What you'll need

Viewing the heat map in Firefox may not work properly. We are working on getting this resolved in our next release.

Navigating to the Heat Map

  1. Navigate to your project risks

  2. In the top navigation bar click Heat Map

Heat Map UI

In the center, you have the Heat Map. This shows you all of the risks for your project or portfolio plotted by their risk score.

If you have multiple risks with the same score, they will be grouped together. Click on the group to expand the risks.

At the top of the heat map, there is the zoom bar. Use this to zoom into grid to get a closer look of your plotted risks.

If you hover over a risk, you will see more details about the risk.

Clicking on the SEE DETAILS link will take you to the risk detail view.

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