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Release Notes: December 3rd 2023
Release Notes: December 3rd 2023
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Release Notes: December 3rd, 2023

Release 3.1

Product Release Update: New Features, Changes, and Bug Fixes

New Features

  • Risk Heat Map: With our heat map, you can view all of your project and portfolio risks in a simple graphical chart! Click on the risks with the highest score and dive in quickly to view the details.

  • Duplicate Projects: Adding a duplicate project button to the grid view. This is a great way to create project templates. Duplicating a project will also create a copy of the RAID items within the project! Go try it out!

  • Copy & Paste Grid: Like a spreadsheet raid log, you can now copy and paste buttons or keyboard shortcuts to copy raid items from one project to the next!


  • Group Code Registration: We added a Group Code to the registration page to help identify members of common organizations, educational institutions, or event attendees. What is this?

  • Lesson Scope Dropdown Options: Changed the Tenant option to Workspace.


  • [BUG]: Resolved the bug with the project donut chart for issues showing the incorrect count.

  • [BUG]: Resolved the bug for editing notes on RAID items, the editing options were not visible.

  • [BUG]: Resolved the bug where the convert risk to issue button was not working.

  • [BUG]: Resolved the bug preventing users from adding Lessons Learned notes.

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