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Release Notes: July 7th, 2023
Release Notes: July 7th, 2023
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Product Release Update: 07/15/23 - Bug Fixes and Enhanced Features

In this release, we are adding more visualization to RAIDLOG as well some minor bug fixes.


  • Project Chart View: We have added a chart view to the project over view. These charts will quickly show you the status of the project RAID items. To access this feature, you must have an active subscription level of trial, professional or enterprise. Click Here to visit pricing.


  • Context Menu Update: We added the ability to right click on a raid item, and open it in a new tab using our new context menu.

  • Deprecating Importance Field on Issues: We are removing the importance field from the issues module. You can use the Impact Score to document this importance score. The Impact Score is what will be populated in the all up grid under the importance column.

Bug Fixes:

  • [BUG] Dates: Some dates always rendered in US format, MM/DD/YYYY. Dates should now render in the user's locale (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY for UK).

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