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Release Notes: June 11th, 2023
Release Notes: June 11th, 2023
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Product Release Update: 06/11/23 - Bug Fixes and Enhanced Features

In this release, we are completing our AI Risk Generator rollout and making a few minor enhancements and fixes to improve usability.


  • Risk AI: We are opening up our Risk AI Generator feature to all Professional and Enterprise licensed users: a powerful artificial intelligence system that analyzes your project description and provides valuable insights to enhance risk management strategies.

  • Mobile Friendly Registration: We have improved the registration process to ensure a seamless experience for users accessing from mobile devices.

  • Add existing Action Item to any RAID item: You can now easily associate existing Action Items with any RAID (Risk, Action, Issue, or Decision) item, improving the organization and management of tasks.


  • Moved actions to the grid header: Actions within the RAID grid have been relocated to the grid header, providing a more intuitive and accessible interface for managing tasks.

  • Multi-select grid and delete items: We have added the ability to select multiple items within the grid and delete them simultaneously, saving you time and effort when managing large datasets.

  • Context menu to the grid: You can now right-click within the grid and perform actions such as delete, create new, and convert risk to issue without having to scroll to the top and click a button.

Bug Fixes:

  • [BUG] Closed Date not being captured when the state changed: We have resolved an issue where the Closed Date field was not being properly recorded when the state of an item changed. The Closed Date will now accurately reflect the time of closure.

  • [BUG] Change the associated risk of an issue that was converted from a risk: Previously, there was a bug preventing the correct association of risks when converting them into issues. This bug has been fixed, and the associated risk will now be accurately reflected for converted items.

  • [BUG] Accessing the owners field from the GRID view: We have addressed an issue where accessing the owners field from the GRID view resulted in an error. Users can now easily access and view the owners field without any disruptions.

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