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Release Notes: October 29th, 2023
Release Notes: October 29th, 2023
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Release Notes: October 29th, 2023

Release 2.1

Product Release Update: New Features, Changes and Bug Fixes

New Features

  • Notifications: We are introducing notifications for all users. There are several notifications for assignments and raid item alerts.

    • Some notifications include:

      • Action item due soon

      • A decision needs to be made

      • And a risk is about to occur!

Learn more about the different notifications in our help article! HERE

  • @ Mentions: Happy to announce you are now able to @ mention someone in the notes of any RAID item or project and notify the user! Now you can call a team member's attention to a RAID item and prompt them for action or updates.


  • All Projects Grid: Users now have the ability to expand all items when in grid view with a single click, making it easier to view content without additional clicks.

  • Note editor: We've revamped the notes editor to embrace rich text and user mentions.

  • System Notifications: System alerts will now originate from the [email protected] email. Be sure to check your spam filter and approve this address if you're missing out on alerts.

  • Role Notifications for Portfolios: Whenever a user is assigned to a portfolio, be it as a manager or a viewer, they'll be informed via email.


  • [BUG]: Resolved an issue where exporting from grid view with applied filters would result in downloading all entries instead of just the filtered ones.

  • [BUG]: Minor UI fixes and enhancements

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