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Introducing Notifications
Introducing Notifications
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Notifications allow you to keep up with your and your team's work. Notifications are specific to each Workspace, so you'll only see updates about the Workspace you're actively working in.

What you'll need

  • Notifications are available on all Plans.

  • Everyone can use notifications.

  • Your own assignments cannot trigger notifications for yourself.

New Notifications

When you receive new notifications, you'll see the bell icon light up orange in the Top Navigation.

If you have more than one workspace, you'll see an orange dot appear next to the workspace in the SideBar.

View notifications

You can view your web (in-app) notifications by clicking the Bell Icon in the top Navigation.

Notifications are shown in the order received, starting with the most recent ones on top.

Clear notifications

To clear notifications, click the Trash Can Icon button.

Clearing a notification removes them from the list.

Marking notifications as read

You can mark all notifications as read by clicking the Mail Icon. Or when you click on a notification listed, you will be taken to the raid item or project, and the notification will be marked as read.

Reading notifications does not remove them from the list. To remove them from the list, use the clear option mentioned above.

Notification Alerts

Notification Name



Workspace Invitation


When a user add's a collaborator to a new workspace

Assigned to project


When a user is added to the project team

Assigned to Risk


When a user is added to the Risk

Assigned to Action Item


When a user is added to the Action Item

Assigned to Issue


When a user is added to the issue

Assigned to Decision


When a user is added to the decision

Risk trigger date warning

1 week prior

before the trigger date of a risk

Action item due

1 day prior

before the due date of an action item

Outstanding Issue

3 days after

the issue has been created and state is not Closed or Resolved

A decision needs to be made

3 days prior

before the due date of a decision

@ Mentions


Anytime a user @mentions a user, the mentioned user will receive a notification

Assigned to a Portfolio


When a user is added to a portfolio

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