Create Risks
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Creating a risk

  1. Locate your project from either the sidebar or from the app home screen

  2. Click into the project and click RISKS


Create risk from the Detail View

  1. Click the Green + in the Top Navigation

  2. Give the risk a name

  3. Enter a description

  4. Select the state from the dropdown

  5. Set the Importance

  6. Tag your risk

  7. Give your risk a probability

  8. Give your risk an impact

  9. Assign a Date Raised

  10. Assign a Trigger date

Understanding the risk fields

Name: Used to give your risk a name and briefly describe what the risk is.

Description: Used to enter all the details about the risk.

State: Used to track what state the risk is in.

  • Raised: The risk has been identified, and the team is aware.

  • Monitoring: This risk can occur, and the team is watching, and/or migration plans have been put in place and actively mitigating the risk.

  • Closed: The risk is either avoided or no longer relevant to the project.

  • Converted to Issue: The risk has become an issue and converted into an issue object.

Importance: The importance this risk has on the project.

Tags: Used to group or categorize risks and other raid items.

Probability: The likelihood of this risk occurring.

Impact: The impact the risk could have on the success of the project if it occurs.

Risk Score: Calculated field based on Probability and Impact.

Date Raised: The date the risk was identified.

Trigger Date: The date on which this risk is most likely to occur.

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