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Introduction to Portfolios
Introduction to Portfolios
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Although provides value to project managers by giving them a structured and efficient way to manage Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions for their individual projects, portfolios, and PMO leaders additional value in that they need the ability to see critical Risks, Issues, and Decisions at the portfolio level.

A portfolio is defined as a collection of projects with a common organizational aim or benefit. Examples include:

  1. Portfolio of projects for the IT Project

  1. Portfolio of projects funded in a specific fiscal year or a capital budget

  1. Portfolio of projects for which a specific executive leader is the sponsor for

Portfolios can have a one-to-many relationship (each project is in exactly one portfolio, and each portfolio may have many projects), or a many-to-many relationship (each project may belong to multiple portfolios, and each portfolio may have many projects).

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