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Workspace User Roles and Permissions
Workspace User Roles and Permissions
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Introduction users can be assigned the following user roles within a Workspace:

  • None: People you have invited to your workspace. These users can only see assigned projects and RAID items.

  • Collaborators: People who actively work in They are allowed to view and edit assigned projects and RAID items.

  • Team Members: People who are responsible for managing projects in the Workspace.
    You can think of a team member as a project manager in your organization.

  • Owner: The person who created the Workspace. Each Workspace can only have one owner. You can think of an owner as a member with extra permissions to manage the Workspace.

What you'll need

  • The Owner, Team member, Collaborator, and None user roles are available on all plans.

Role Types


Invite people from inside or outside your organization to join your Workspace. By sharing items with them, they can only access the items they have assigned to them.


Collaborators are people in your organization who actively work in with you.

Collaborators can:

  • Update Risks, Action Items, Issues, and Decisions assigned to them.

Team Members

Team Members are people that can be trusted to manage projects.

In addition to everything users can do, Team Members can also:

  • Add new members

  • Manage project & project permissions.

  • Remove existing project members.


Owners are ultimately in charge of the Workspace. Usually, the owner will be the person who first created the Workspace.

  • Add new members, manage permissions, and remove existing members.

  • Manage billing, user roles, integrations, and other Workspace settings.

Workspace User Roles and Permissions

Check out the table below for an overview of what each user role can do.

User Roles


Team Member



Create and Manage projects

Create RAID items

Update projects

Update RAID items

Only assigned RAID items

Only assigned RAID items

Invite Users

Manage Users

Able to search in the workspace

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