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Managing My RAID Log
Adding an Issue To Your Project
Adding an Issue To Your Project
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Creating a risk

  1. Locate your project from either the sidebar or from the app home screen

  2. Click into the project and click ISSUES

    issue nav

Create an issue from the detail view

  1. Click the Green + in the top nav

    issue details-1

  2. Give the issue a name

  3. Enter a description

  4. Determine the impact

  5. Select the state from the dropdown

  6. Set the Importance

  7. Tag your issue

  8. Give your issue an impact score

If the issue is resolved capture the following information

  1. Assign a Response Status

  2. Determine what the resolution was

  3. Capture the date for when the issue was resolved

  4. Determine the root cause

Once finished, click the Save Issue button in the top bar

Next we are going to add our first project decision!

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