How to use Risk AI
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Risk AI is a powerful feature that can generate potential risks for your projects based on the project description. This article will guide you through the steps to use this feature effectively.

Watch this demo of the feature.

What is needed

Currently, only invited users can use this feature while we are in beta. You can gain access immediately by upgrading to professional or enterprise. To be added to the waitlist, visit this link here.

Steps to use the feature

  1. Navigate to a project.

  2. Go to the Risk Grid

  3. Click the AI-Assisted Risks Button

  4. Enter additional information about your project to generate more detailed risks about your project

  5. Click Suggest Risks

  6. When the risks are generated, you will be prompt with a list. Select the risks you want added

  7. Click add risks when you are done

It takes about a minute or two to generate risks. It is not perfect and may fail. If it fails or errors, try it again.

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