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Try RAIDLOG's Powerful Paid Plan for Free
Try RAIDLOG's Powerful Paid Plan for Free
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Experience AI-Driven Project Management and Seamless Collaboration!

Are you seeking a robust project management solution that harnesses the power of AI and fosters seamless collaboration within your team? Look no further! RAIDLOG offers a 30-day PRO trial completely free to all new users, allowing you to experience the full capabilities of our innovative platform.

In this article, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to access and make the most of our paid plan trial, so you can unleash the potential of RAIDLOG and revolutionize your project management process.

Tip: Learn more about paid RAIDLOG features and how they can help your team run or rescue any project with flexibility and collaboration.

Sign Up and Create Your Account

Getting started with RAIDLOG's 30-day PRO trial is a breeze! Head to our website and locate the "Sign Up" button at the top right corner of the page. Click it to initiate the account creation process.

During sign-up, you have two options to choose from:

  • Option 1: Free Plan with a 30-Day PRO Trial Select the free plan, and rest assured that it will be automatically upgraded to a PRO account for the next 30 days. This way, you can explore RAIDLOG's premium features without any cost or commitment and enjoy all the perks that our AI tool and collaboration power offer.

  • Option 2: Directly Choose PRO Account Alternatively, you can opt for the PRO account from the start. By doing so, you'll have immediate access to RAIDLOG's advanced functionalities, and the 30-day free trial will begin right away.

Cancel your trial

Your trial will automatically cancel on the trial end date, but Workspace Owners and Admins can end a trial at any time from the Billing page.

What to expect when your trial ends

At the end of your trial, your workspace will automatically revert back to the free plan if you choose not to upgrade. Applicable AI usage limits will be reapplied to your workspace and you'll lose access to paid features.

If you’d like to continue using paid Slack features, you can upgrade your free workspace to a paid plan.

Explore RAIDLOG's Premium Features

During your 30-day PRO trial, you'll have access to all the features that make RAIDLOG a favorite among project managers. Experience the seamless integration of AI into your workflow, enjoy real-time collaboration with your team, and witness how RAIDLOG elevates your project management experience to new heights.

Data Security is Our Priority

At RAIDLOG, safeguarding your data and privacy is of utmost importance. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your information, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience throughout your trial.


How do I know when my trial will end?

When you login to your account, click on your profile in the top right-hand corner. From the dropdown menu, select "account". On the right side, you will see your subscription and trial status


What happens if I've upgraded, but would like to downgrade back to the free plan?

If you change your mind before the trial ends, you can downgrade your paid plan. If you downgrade after the trial has ended, our Terms of Service apply: you can cancel at any time and no further payments will be taken, but we will not refund payments already made.

Are there any paid features that I won't be able to use during my trial?

No, at this time pro member trial users will have access to all available features in the RAIDLOG system.

Can I get a trial extension?

In some circumstances, we can grant extensions. Please contact us with details about why it would be helpful to have an extension and our team will review your request. You can also use the chat bot inside your app (bottom right corner) to talk with the RAIDLOG team in real time Monday through Friday, 8-5pm EST.

Can I defer my trial to a later date?

We’re unable to defer trials. However, if your trial ends and you’d like another chance to try our paid features, contact us and let us know which features you’d like to try.

How did we end up on a trial if no one on our team requested it?

We'll occasionally provide trials to customers who we believe might benefit from using our paid features. These free trials are applied to a workspace automatically.

Ready to Get Started?

Take advantage of RAIDLOG's 30-day PRO trial today and discover the possibilities it holds for your projects. Sign up now, and let RAIDLOG revolutionize the way you manage and collaborate with your team. The future of efficient project management is just a click away!

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