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Understanding the Interface: A Comprehensive Overview
Understanding the Interface: A Comprehensive Overview
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  1. Sidebar - access Projects, Resources, Support, and Recycle Bin in your workspace or organization.

  2. Top - contains the views for the Project, Risk, Actions, Issues, Decisions and the Search, My Profile.

  3. Main List - displays a list of projects.

Detail View

Detail View

  1. Detail Pane - contains the meta data of the Project or RAID items.

  2. Guiding Pane - contains the setup checklist and associated action item(s).

  3. Timeline - displays a timeline of changes and notes.

Grid View

Grid View-1

  1. Grid Menu - contains the options for the grid. Show/Hide columns, filter grid items based on criteria, and export grid items to CSV or PDF.

  2. Grid Header - This shows the metadata stored on the module.

  3. Grid Items - displays a spreadsheet-like list of the created module.

  4. Tab Navigation - Quick links to the RAID items from within the project.



  1. Profile Details - contains metadata about your profile.

  2. Account Settings - a list of settings

  3. Billing Settings - Manage your subscriptions

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