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How to Add Collaborators to Your Workspace
How to Add Collaborators to Your Workspace
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Accessing the Teams Feature

To access the team feature, click on your profile icon in the top right of the top nav bar. From the dropdown menu, click Team. From this page, you can manage your workspace collaborators.

Adding Collaborators

From the Team page, click the button "Add new team member". This will open a side panel to input either a name or email address. You can add multiple by clicking the button "Add an additional team member". This will add new fields to enter emails and names to add.

If you enter an email address, an invite email will be sent to the team member. They can click the link in the email to accept the invite and start collaborating with you in your workspace.

Managing Collaborators

Once you have created a placeholder or invited a user, you can revoke their access to your workspace at anytime. To do this, you can click on their name from the list and click the revoke button. If the user is already revoked you can enable them again to regain access to your workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change a users email address?

A: You can modify the email address only when the user has not accepted the invite and is in pending status.

Q: Can I update a users name?

A: You can update a users' name at anytime as long as they are in pending status.

Q: Can I delete a user or placeholder from

A: Currently we do not allow for user deletion. This is to allow you to maintain a full history of assignments of users.

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